June 4—7, 2022
Mexico, CDMX MX

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Gatwiri Muthara

PR Manager, PMMI


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EXPO PACK México Emphasizes Sustainability

CDMX, México; April 19, 2024 — As the world celebrates Earth Day*, the biennial EXPO PACK México (June 4–7; 2024, EXPO Santa Fe Mexico, Mexico City) is preparing to spotlight sustainable, eco-friendly practices to reduce waste, minimize carbon footprint, and promote circularity in packaging. More than 20,000 attendees from throughout Mexico and Latin America are expected to attend the show, produced by PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies.

PMMI’s 2023 report, Moving to Sustainable Packaging: Closing the Innovation Gap, notes changing sustainable packaging policies, domestic legislation,  and consumer demand are driving manufacturers to switch to more sustainable packaging materials and practices. As concerns about environmental impact and climate change continue to grow, consumers and businesses are increasingly seeking eco-friendly alternatives. These sustainable solutions, such as recyclable, biodegradable, and carbon footprint-reducing technologies and materials, will be featured throughout the event.

EXPO PACK México 2024 will showcase the latest technologies to meet these changing requirements and provide an opportunity for industry leaders to share insights and drive progress toward sustainable packaging practices and standardization in transitioning to sustainable materials. The show also will help address operational needs identified in the report including challenges related to personnel, efficiency, supply chain, quality, consistency, testing, technology, costs, and planning.

Exhibitors presenting sustainable materials and technologies will display the EXPO PACK Verde icon at their booth and both their online and printed directory exhibitor listings so they can be easily identified. Attendees can search for EXPO PACK Verde exhibitors online and in the mobile app. “In today’s world, sustainability has become a top priority for businesses across all sectors, including packaging. So, it’s crucial for EXPO PACK México to have an initiative like EXPO PACK Verde,” says Celia Navarrete, director, EXPO PACK.

A one-hour keynote address, "Carbon Neutral Packaging: A Possible Reality," will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 4, 2024. During this presentation, Griscelda Ramos, Sustainability Director of Natura Mexico, and Carolina Velásquez, Vice President of Corporate Excellence of the Hada Group, will share insights on how to minimize carbon footprint and offset emissions through packaging choices. They will discuss technologies and regulations, share tools for quickly calculating carbon emissions, present success stories focused on renewable materials and waste management, and address packaging neutrality, a crucial element to achieve circularity in the industry.

EXPO PACK México 2024 will provide a platform for industry professionals to share knowledge and address crucial elements in the transition to more sustainable packaging including clear communication with consumers, standardization of materials, recycling and sustainability metrics, and collaboration with upstream and downstream partners.

EXPO PACK México 2024 is the ideal place to discover the latest trends, seek out sustainable solutions, and network with packaging and processing industry professionals. During EXPO PACK México 2024, attendees willgain valuable insights into materials, technologies and solutions that minimize environmental impact while maintaining profitability. For more information, visit EXPO PACK México (expopackmexico.com.mx). Attendees can save 50% by registering prior to May 3. After that date, registration will cost $200 MXN.

* Since its beginning in 1970, the observance of Earth Day has grown and is now observed by over 1 billion people in 193 countries with events coordinated by Earthday.org.