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EXPO PACK México in collaboration with Mundo PMMI presents the second series of webinars where you can learn about industry trends, market opportunities and more. Connect to our live webinars and exchange views with the experts. EXPO PACK and  Mundo PMMI "Building Connections through Education" 

Join us for 4 informative 1-hour webinars!

*Webinars will be presented in Spanish. 
WEBINAR #1: March 31, 2020 - Listen now!


Packaging and Processing Trends that will Drive the Future of Business

Presented by: Lilian Robayo, PMMI

  • Circular economy and packaging.
  • Latest trends in machinery and technologies for packaging and processing.
  • Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT.


Webinar #2: May 6, 2020 - Listen now!


Impacts and Lessons of COVID-19 on the Latin American Packaging Industry

Presented by:
Gustav Schindle / Oscar H. Silva, UNILEVER
Jorge Hernán Cano, AVON
Daniel Castrillón, BAXTER
María Paula Ruiz, QUALA NOVA

  • Supply chain challenges and disruptions.
  • New economic scenarios.
  • Visions of the Post COVID-19 future.


Webinar #3: June 2, 2020 - Listen now!


Sustainability in Packaging in COVID-19 times.

Presented by: Alejandro Salgado, Co-founder and CEO of Neurosketch

  • How much have consumer behavior and perception towards packaging changed with coronavirus?
  • How has the pandemic changed consumer behavior and perception towards specific packaging materials?
  • How would this pandemic crisis influence the recent Circular Economy in Packaging initiatives that CPGs have been carrying out for the last years


Webinar #4: June 17, 2020 - Podcast Now Available


Global Packaging Landscape 2020: Trends, Growth and Innovations and In-sights of COVID-19's Impact on the Packaging Industry

Presented by: Marshaun Montgomery / Carolina Alfero, Euromonitor International

  • Packaging trends in the world and Latin America
  • Behavior and growth projections of main industries and product categories
  • COVID-19 impacts on the most used packaging materials
  • Consumer perceptions and their effects on the packaging market
  • Guidelines for a scenario beyond the pandemic


Organized by  PMMI

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