An Overview of the Global Packaging Industry 2020: Trends, Growth and Innovations

Guest: Carolina Alfero, Euromonitor International Consultant.

In this podcast with Lilián Robayo, Euromonitor Consulting’s young researcher, Carolina Alfero, shares the main ideas of the Trends, Growth and Innovations in the Global Packaging Industry webinar. She provides key information on the behavior of different segments, and offers a broad view of the current scenario and future projections.

The talk presents an updated overview of the packaging industry, globally and in Latin America, specific analyses from the business intelligence study "Global Packaging Trends" carried out by Euromonitor International for PMMI, and database information for key packaging categories and mass consumption manufacturing sectors. At the end of the conversation, the researcher discusses steps identified by Euromonitor International to overcome the difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to packaging industry.

Carolina Alfero

A graduate in Business and Economics from Universidad Católica de Chile, Carolina Alfero has been part of the research team at Euromonitor Consulting since 2018, specializing in the food and nutrition industries. Carolina has studied the packaged food sector in the United States, and today dedicates her time and experience to the analysis of the Latin American and North American regions from Euromonitor International’s office in Chicago, covering various industries of consumer goods.




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