Build Your Brand at EXPO PACK México

Sponsorships and advertising are powerful ways to capture the attention of highly motivated professionals and draw attention to your booth. Email or give us a call to discuss the possibilities for a sponsorship package that helps you reach your target audience and achieve your goals.

Build your brand beyond your booth

Grab the attention of motivated, high-level buyers with the power of EXPO PACK México sponsorships and advertising—available exclusively to show exhibitors. 


For EXPO PACK México sponsorships and expopackmexico.com.mx advertising opportunities, contact:

Guadalupe Olvera
Phone: +(52) 5545 4254 Ext. 123
Email: [email protected]  


Sponsorships & Advertising

Make your mark at EXPO PACK México!


The post-attendee survey results confirm that the #1 way attendees search the Exhibitor Directory is by Product Category. Guarantee your company is the #1 listing in the category by sponsoring a Product Category. Your company logo will appear next to the Product Category of your choice, helping you stand out and get noticed.

Availability: 6 sponsors per category

Price: $350

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Showcase an image or a video of your product on the Exhibitor Directory home page. A live link will direct customers right to your company's listing providing more exposure for your company and your brand.

*Co-branding presence Note: This opportunity requires a Platinum Package upgrade.

Availability: 21 

Price: $400

*Prices in USD and TAX included.

product spotlight


Sponsor’s ad will be featured on EXPO PACK Mexico’s website and will rotate between 1 large home page ad spot, 3 large home page footer ad spots, and 4 interior page ad spots. Banners will link to the exhibitor's online listing.

Availability: 4

Price: $2,900

*Prices in USD and TAX included.

digital banner


Place your logo on the first email attendees receive as soon as they register! Attendees are encouraged to review their confirmation often and print before arriving on-site. And even before they are confirmed, attendees will see your logo on each page of the registration site.

Availability: 3 

Price: $2,500

*Prices in USD and TAX included.

registration website


A banner ad for your company appears on the homepage of the Exhibitor Directory used by attendees to locate exhibitor listings. Banner links to your company’s online exhibitor listing.

Availability: 4 rotating banners

Price: $3,499

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



An audience of nearly 70,000, including prospects and registrants, will see your branding while providing all of the latest that EXPO PACK México has to offer. These weekly countdown emails highlight can’t miss event features and your banner will drive readers directly to your company’s online exhibitor listing. 

Availability: 4 (1 sponsor per week; 1 email sent each of the 4 weeks leading up to the show)


4 Weeks Out - $1,400
3 Weeks Out - $1,600
2 Weeks Out - $1,800
1 Weeks Out - $2,000

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Include a banner ad for your company within the Tomorrow At emails that are sent to all registered attendees each night of the show. Your branding will be front and center and will encourage attendees to visit your booth the next day.

Availability: 4 (1 sponsor per email)

Price: $2,500

*Prices in USD and TAX included.

tomorrow at


Build awareness for your exhibit among pre-registered attendees via LinkedIn or Facebook Sponsored posts as pre-registered attendees browse their social feeds.



Build awareness for your exhibit among pre-registered attendees via online display ads or 15-second video pre-roll ads as pre-registered attendees browse their favorite websites.



The Innovation Stage presentations at EXPO PACK Mexico 2022 are spaces for our exhibitors to provide educational talks on breakthrough technologies and innovations applicable across a wide range of vertical markets.

Sessions will be promoted on various EXPO PACK social medial channels, the official show website and the printed Show Guide.

Participation is subject to approval by Show Management and must be presented in Spanish.

NEW THIS YEAR: The presentations will be available for viewing online on the show website at the time of the live session. Speakers will pre-record their sessions to post online for viewing both during and after the show. Sponsor will receive the leads of all views inperson and online.

Note: All sessions must be presented and recorded in Spanish and the live chat will not be available for online recordings.

Presentation Duration: 30 minutes

The stage will be equipped with a podium, screen and projector.

First Review Deadline: February 18, 2022
Final Review Deadline: March 11, 2022

Price: $2,000

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Sponsor’s logo will appear anywhere the Keynotes are promoted including the show website, promotional emails to prospective and registered attendees, printed Show Guide, attendee badge mailer, promotional and directional signage on site, and on the video-monitor located on the stage where the Keynotes will be presented.

Keynotes will be held at 12 p.m. on June 14, 15 and 16 and will be hosted by industry thought leaders. 

Availability: 1 Exclusive Sponsor / 3 Co-Sponsors

Exclusive: $10,300

Co-sponsor: $4,120

*Prices in USD and TAX included.




Sponsorship Description: Webinars to take place on February 23, 2022, March 30, 2022, April 27, 2022 with an expected attendance of 500+ per webinar.

  • Logo included in all webinar promotion from the date the sponsorship is contracted (social media posts, press releases, website, etc.)
  • Logo linking to your Online Showroom included in 2 pre-webinar promotional emails.
  • Inclusion in the Thank You Sponsors call-out at the beginning and end of the webinar.
  • Automatic redirection to your Online Showroom following the submission of each webinar registration.
  • Logo included in reminder emails that are sent 1 day before the webinar and 1 hour before the webinar.
  • Logo included in webinar registration confirmation email.

Availability: 1 sponsor per webinar

Price: $3,099 per sponsor

*Prices in USD and TAX included



Your brand will stand out on the device that attendees can’t live without- their cell phones!

The Mobile App sponsorship includes the following:

  • Splash screen graphic each time app is opened.
  • Footer Banner graphic throughout the app.
  • Two push notifications sent at sponsor’s choice of date and time. Show Management will confirm date and time preference upon confirmation of sponsorship.
  • Extensive pre-show and on-site app promotion in print, email, website and the attendee badge mailer.

Availability: 1

Price: $5,835

*Prices in USD and TAX included.






Includes scheduled notifications that are pushed out to mobile app users during the show.  Include an attention-catching headline and description to drive attendees straight to your booth.

Availability: 7

Price: $1,025 Per notification

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Showcase your company’s brand around the convention center and stand out from your competition!

Each attendee will be wearing your company’s logo throughout the event on the attendee lanyards, which are distributed at on-site attendee registration.

Price: $5,250 per sponsor

Availability: 2

Graphic Deadline: April 29, 2022

Note: Production cost and design by Show Management.
*Prices in USD and TAX included.



A prime location for your branding that will drive attendees to your booth with your powerful messaging in view the entire time on these large prominently located escalators.

Availability: 3 sets (1 set includes 2 escalators with a banner of each side of the escalator)

Price: $4,400 per set

*Prices in USD and TAX included.

banner escalator


Don’t miss out on this opportunity for optimum brand exposure! Your logo will be featured at the bottom of double-sided aisle banners that attendees use to navigate the show floor. 

Availability: 34 banners 

Price: $1,800 per banner

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Maximize your presence by placing your company’s logo on the floor plan located at each of the three entrances to the exhibition hall that attendees use to map their route around the show floor.

Availability: 3 floor plans (3 logos per floor plan)

Price: $1,099 USD per logo

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Make an impression the moment attendees arrive on-site by branding the lobby columns at the entrance of the convention center.

Availability: 4 columns in the main lobby of Expo Santa Fe.

Price: $2,495 USD per column

Sponsor is responsible for designing and providing graphics.
*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Capture attention early by placing your logo on the large welcome banner outside of Expo Santa Fe. 

Availability: 2

Price: $3,299 per logo

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Display your branding on the banners surrounding the escalators in the main lobby which lead to the meeting rooms and buffet restaurant. 

Availability: 3 banners 

Price: $1,650 per banner

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Help welcome attendees to the show by placing your company’s logo on the welcome banners located in the main lobby of Expo Santa Fe. 

Availability: 1 set of three banners

Price: $3,299 (SOLD)

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Your ad will be featured on the banners on the posts located around the outside perimeter of the convention center.

Availability: 6 sets of 4 banners

Price: $1,800 per set

*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Catch the eye of attendees by placing your branding on the elevators located at the front of the convention center, reminding them of your brand as they walk around the hall and again as they leave for the day.  

Availability: 3 (Halls A, B and C)

Price: $6,075 per banner

Sponsor is responsible for designing and providing graphics.
*Prices in USD and TAX included.

main elevator


Brand the elevator located outside of the convention center or the elevator inside of the main lobby for optimum exposure. 

Availability: 1 set of 2 doors (2 elevators)

Price: $3,085 (SOLD)

Sponsor is responsible for designing and providing graphics.
*Prices in USD and TAX included.



Place your company’s brand in attendees’ hands on-site with ad space in the show's only printed Show Guide.


  • Gate Fold: $6,075
  • Front Cover Corner Peel + 1 Full Page Ad: $5,115     
  • Back Cover: $4,699 (SOLD)
  • Inside Back Cover: $4,250
  • Full Page Ad: $3,425
  • 1/2 Page Horizontal Ad: $2,160
  • 1/2 Page Vertical Ad: $2,160
  • 1/3 Page Ad: $1,315
  • Company Logo on Floor Plan: $799
  • Company Logo next to company listing: $390


*Prices in USD with TAX included

EPMcoverThe official pre-show planner, the Showcase is mailed to 8,500 packaging and processing professionals including pre-registrants. It will be also distributed at the show and the digital edition will reach 65,000 professionals in Latin America. Reserve your Company Profile by May 6.



Digital Version  EXPO PACK Noticias

  • +70,000 prospective attendees will receive two separate email blasts containing a link to EXPO PACK Noticias. The first edition will highlight new products and innovations from exhibitors and the second edition will feature sustainable products in the packaging and processing industry.
  • Direct link to the advertiser's website included in sponsorship Digital versions will be promoted on the EXPO PACK México 2022 website and will be available online until June 2022.

Printed Version

  • +20,000 end users and final decision makers with significant influence in Mexico will be mailed both editions of EXPO PACK Noticias.

EXPO PACK Noticias 1 shows the latest technologies of the packaging and processing industry

EXPO PACK Noticias 2 presents the most innovative sustainable products and services that help reduce environmental impact in the packaging and processing industry.

EXPO PACK Noticias Advertisements (New!):

  • Company Logo on Front Cover (2 available, 1 per magazine): $2,575
  • Inside Cover: $2,575
  • Inside Back Cover: $2,165
  • Full Page: $1,030
  • 1/3 Page: $465
  • 2/3 Page: $775
*Prices in USD with TAX included

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