Gain Status as a Presenter on the Innovation Stage. Giving a presentation on the Innovation Stage provides an exclusive opportunity for exhibitors to establish their reputation as an innovator and source of expertise. Attendees come to hear about breakthroughs and best practices.


Receive Premium Exposure Before, During and After the Show

An Innovation Stage presentation gives you far more than 30 minutes in front of an engaged and target audience.


Before the show:
  • Visitors to are able to view the Innovation Stage schedule with your company and speaker’s name, along with the presentation title and description.
  • Registered attendees receive emails directing them to the Innovation Stage schedule.
During the show:
  • Prominent signage, a show guide listing, a sleek design and great location ensure you’ll be seen on stage.
  • You will receive contact information for all presentation attendees to follow up with them.
  • With your permission, a PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation will be posted on the show website with relevant contact details for attendees who may have missed you onsite.

Now Accepting Online Abstract Submissions

Application Process: Submit a 150-word abstract explaining how your innovative solution(s) would benefit attendees. Your abstract must include the following in Spanish: presentation title, 150-word marketing description, and speaker information. 

Selection Process: Innovation Stage is only open to exhibitors. Presentations will be reviewed via a competitive vetting process and accepted presenters will be contacted once selected. 

  • First Submission Deadline: February 14, 2020
  • Final Submission Deadline: March 27, 2020

Cost: $695 USD per accepted presentation

Questions? Contact Mariana Garibay at [email protected] 


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