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Scroll below to view frequently asked questions surrounding Enlace EXPO PACK. The FAQs have been divided up into sections to help you quickly find your answers.

Still have questions? If you are a prospective attendee, send us an email at [email protected]. If you are an exhibitor and have questions outside of what is listed below, send us an email at [email protected]

checkmark  General Questions

Enlace EXPO PACK is the year’s most comprehensive online event for the packaging and processing industry in Latin America. Engaging educational offerings and direct access to solutions from top suppliers through an easily searchable database of exhibitors and products allows attendees to quickly find their needs. To view the Fact Sheet and learn more about the event, click here.

Enlace EXPO PACK will take place on Tuesday, June 8 – Wednesday, June 9, from 10:00 am CDT - 2:00 pm CDT. Make sure to mark your calendar now.

There is no registration fee for Enlace EXPO PACK.

Attendee registration will launch in April. There will be no cost to attend the online event. If you wish to sign up to receive notifications when registration opens, click here.

checkmark  Attendee Questions

As you enter the exhibitor's showroom, you can view product presentations on demand, review product photos, make contact with exhibit personnel, obtain brochures and much more. At any given time, an attendee can request a meeting with exhibit personnel by clicking "Schedule a Meeting" in the top right of the showroom section of the showroom to connect with exhibitors during (and after) the event. You may also access any social profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) that have been added.

Live chats will be available during all Innovation Stage sessions for you to see and engage in conversations occurring with all participants. The presenter will monitor the chat and will select from submitted questions and will share their response with everyone viewing—so education is maximized. (Tip: If you have questions that go unanswered during the 30-minute session or if you simply would prefer to discuss your questions privately, you can always send an email through the exhibitor’s showroom in the “Contact Us” section to connect with the presenter.  

checkmark  Exhibitor Questions

Purchasing a Virtual Showroom

Enlace EXPO PACK will take place Tuesday, June 8 – Wednesday, June 9.

All Exhibitor Showrooms cost $795 USD. For a list of what is included in your showroom click here. To reserve your Exhibitor Showroom for Enlace EXPO PACK, click here

The cost for an Exhibitor Showroom is $795 USD including tax. To learn more and to reserve your Exhibitor Showroom for Enlace EXPO PACK, click here

Exhibitor Showrooms must be purchased for each company you wish to have represented at Enlace EXPO PACK. Affiliated listings will not be offered for this event. You may list brands that are associated with your company within your Exhibitor Showroom, but those brands will not link to individual Exhibitor Showrooms. 

Innovation Stage Sessions

EXPO PACK’s coveted Innovation Stages will very much be a part of Enlace EXPO PACK. To submit an abstract to be considered for inclusion in these educational sessions on your breakthroughs in technology, click here. Don’t miss your chance—limited time slots available! 

Disclaimer: all sessions must be presented in Spanish and will be pre-recorded with Show Management. Your topic and proposal to speak will be reviewed by industry experts and are subject to approval by Show Management. Innovation Stage sessions are reserved for Enlace EXPO PACK exhibitors only. Limit one (1) presentation per exhibiting company while slots remain. 

An Innovation Stage presentation at Enlace EXPO PACK is $2,000 USD including tax. 

A live interactive Q&A chat box will appear during your Innovation Stage session. Attendees will ask questions during your presentation and you will be able to type your responses back to them in real-time. 

Yes, Exhibitors who present on the Innovation Stage will receive the list of all those who viewed their session. Leads will be available in the Exhibitor Dashboard or through PMMI Media Groups lead management platform, Leadworks.

Lead Generation

Exhibitor show contacts can access lead information via the Exhibitor Dashboard or Leadworks. More information coming soon.

Yes. As soon as an attendee adds collateral from an exhibitor's showroom to their My Enlace Planner, they will automatically generate as a lead for the exhibitor.

Yes, Exhibitors will have immediate access to attendee contact information as soon as they interact with an exhibitor’s showroom. Lead information will be available via the Exhibitor Dashboard and through LeadWorks.

No, PMMI does not sell or rent the email list of registered attendees from any PACK EXPO or EXPO PACK Trade Show. Any companies claiming to have the attendee list should be considered fraudulent.

EXPO PACK México 2021

EXPO PACK México 2021 will not be postponed. The show will return to Mexico City June 14 – 17, 2022. Click here to view the press release and learn more about the show’s cancellation.

The Show Contact for current EXPO PACK Mexico exhibitors received a communication from PMMI via email on February 16 that outlined 4 options regarding balance transfers or refunding payments made towards the cancelled event. Options include transferring payments to Enlace EXPO PACK, transferring to EXPO PACK Mexico 2022, obtaining a full refund, or a combination of these options. 

If you have any questions or need your form resent, please contact Krista DeBrosse at [email protected]

Interested exhibitors should complete a space application for EXPO PACK México 2022 by April 30, 2021 to participate in priority space selection. Priority space selection will take place in late-June following Enlace EXPO PACK. If you have any questions, please contact Guadalupe Olvera at [email protected].

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